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Each stage of ai-Performance Wrestling contains a video and pre and post competition questions to answer in order to personalize individual
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ai-Performance Wrestling is used by top-ranked collegiate programs Cornell, Lehigh, and Central Michigan, as well as perennial high school powerhouses Blair Academy. Sign Up and Join The Champions!

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rob_koll“Wrestlers spend thousands of hours training the body physically and honing their technical skills, but all too often neglect the most powerful tool in an athletes arsenal, the mind. I’ve used numerous sports psychology techniques and methods during my career. I am a huge fan of ai-Performance Wrestling because it uses the internet and technology to maintain our athletes’ focus. Achieve Insights makes it easy for the internet savvy, and obsessed kids, to develop the sports psychology skills that will complement and enhance their lives both on and off the wrestling mats.”
Rob Koll, Head Coach Cornell University

Research Based Program


Our three stage training program was created from evidence-based sport performance research to provide amateur wrestlers a competitive edge. Get ready to learn the same mental performance skills used by professional athletes!

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